Pickled & Oiled Steel

It is cleaned by passing the Sulfur (oxide) Hydrochloric acid or Sulfuric acid baths on Hot Rolled Roller surfaces and lubricated with protective oil to prevent oxidation again .
Acid Cleansed sheel metal is referred to the product as roll, or sliced ​​according to demand.
General Uses
  •                                 On the surface of hot rolled sheets   Due to the tufal is not always suitable for use.
  •                                 These hot rolled, acidified and lubricated grades are especially used for bending, drawing and deep drawing. These products do not require precision surface quality but; they can be used in all applications that require strength, rigidity and plastering. Especially in the machinery manufacturing sector, in the automotive side industry, the surface is cleaned with acid-cleaned sheet metal.Sheet metal surface cleaning   machine   since it is easier and more economical than   producers   They prefer acid-free material.
  •                                 High strength steels suitable for cold forming can be used in all applications that require high strength, high impact and fatigue resistance and require formability.
  •                                 Also in the production of LPG cylinders,   pipe- profile manufacturing, successfully used.
  •                                 Structural steels are generally preferred for construction sector applications, especially in terms of their high strength, formability and weldability properties. Some applications: buildingprofiles, roofing and painted sheet metal applications.