25 Years Experience ...

About Us

Our company, which has been established in 2004 by Senol Bektas as he has been in the iron and steel sector since 1994, has steered itself under the expectations of the sector. It has developed itself in parallel with the demands of its customer portfolio  while it was carrying out the marketing and transportation business of  the Erdemir products and it has added the imported product groups within its sale portfolio. It supplies for expectations and requirements of its customers in the fastest way possible from past to today by making products of many products of Iron and Steel plants of Turkey and of the World available in its stocks and in its sale network.


Our company has involved itself in reorganisation and institutionalising process since 2007 and has finalised the first phase of this process by obtaining the TS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management certificate as this is the basics for the institutionalising process.  Our company, which had secured its place in the sector even more through its new corporate identity,  has adopted the permanent sustainable cooperation with its customers as a principle by continually developing its quality services it provides for its customers.


All of the sales operations are run through the Atasehir / Istanbul office as of March 2012. In addition, our branches at Kdz. Eregli and at Gebze continue with our logistics operations with our self owned vehicle fleet.


Bektas Iron and Steel provides a sale service with its stocks at Kdz. Eregli and at Gebze that can supply for all the requirements of its customers as well as with freight and price advantages.