Cold Rolled Products

Hot Rolled Roller which is cleaned from the surface of the acid is rolled to the target thickness by passing through reversible or tandem rolling (4-5 footed) to bring it to thinner thickness. But, the sheet in this state is fragile and hard. (CRF-CCRF ılıp fullhard a) In order to be able to form the sheet, it is annealed and cooled until it is heated to a certain temperature in Continuous annealing or Mass Annealing plants. In order to improve the mechanical and surface properties of the annealed sheet, a low level of tempering is performed. The necessary tests are performed in the sample taken and the compliance with the requested properties is checked. The tempered sheet is shipped to the customer as a roll or in a cut.
Deep drawable grades suitable for cold forming are used in the manufacture of durable household appliances, in the production of visible-invisible parts of the automotive industry, in the production of white goods, in the production of home and office furniture, in the production of heating-cooling-ventilation equipment and in all similar applications.
Extra deep drawable sheets are used in the production of all parts requiring deep plastering. Besides the weldable properties, it can be easily coated on the surface.
High-strength, low-alloy steel grades are produced using low-carbon and micro-alloying methods, which also maintain their weldable properties, especially in the production of automotive parts that require high strength.
In addition to the deep drawability and in the construction of enamel kitchenware (such as oven-cooker), which protects the characteristics of food, sheets suitable for single coat / double layer enamels are used.